Our Film Suppliers

Our Film Suppliers

Our raw material suppliers are carefully chosen to achieve the highest product standards. Our suppliers ae the most reputable companies in the window film industry. Here is a list of our current suppliers:

CP Films

Located in Martinsville, Virginia, USA. CP Films Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of optically clear polyester films for precision coated applications. Using the latest technology, CP Films’ Gen 3 series of Dyed films is one of the most colour-fading resistant films in the world today. The latest technology used in the deep-dying process ensures that the films are more resistant to colour changes and fading.

Vacuum Depositing Inc.

One of the foremost suppliers of metallised vapour coated and sputter coated films in the world today. VDI is located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Their state of art metallizing and sputter machines are capable of coating atomic-size layer of metal deposition onto the ultra-clear polyester. This layer of metal deposition acts as a protection layer against glare and heat from the sun. Various type of precious metal can be used in the metallizing and sputter process to achieve different effects.

Dupont Teijin Films

One of the world’s largest supplier of polyester films. DTF has plants across the USA manufacturing different kinds of polyester for all kinds of precision coating usage. Using their Mylar line of polyester films, we ensue that only the best base materials are used to make our films.

JDSU/Flex Products Inc.

JDSU is a worldwide leader in optical technologies used in commercial and consumer markets. JDSU is a publicly listed corporation (NSADAQ:JDSU) with 7000 employees and annual revenues of more than $1 billion.