DuraCarbon Technology (Black Pearl Series)

The most advanced technology in window film. For years, window film manufacturers have searched for ways and means to go to the next level in window film design and technology. Finally, the search is over with the development of DuraCarbon window film. The latest fusion technology is a combination of the durability of Carbon and modification of its heat rejection ability. The result is a film with outstanding ability to block the heat from the sun and its durability to withstand fading and discoloration. DuraCarbon films have exceptionally good-looking colours.

Home owners now do not have to worry about dementalization, fading or discoloration of their window film.  

Model/ Spec.Visible Light Transmission (VLT)Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER)Ultra Violet Rejection (UVR)Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
Black Pearl 05 NR6.0%75.0%99%0.25
Black Pearl 10 NR10.0%72.0%99%0.28
Black Pearl 15 NR11.0%72.0%99%0.28
Black Pearl 20 NR17.0%66.0%99%0.34
Black Pearl 30 NR26.0%65.0%99%0.35
Black Pearl 35 NR35.0%57.0%99%0.43